Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Wallflowers @ Highline Ballroom - NYC

The Wallflowers are out on a mini-tour and stopped by Highline Ballroom on Monday night.

Last time they hit the road, the guys skipped NYC proper but they made up for it last night, playing for an all over the place crowd - the usual music kids looking like 70s throwbacks, the wallstreet guys in collared shirts, vests and horn-rimmed glasses who looked like they'd rather be calculating something and the requisite Bob Dylan fans who came out to support Dylan fils.

Yes, frontman Jakob Dylan obviously spent some time listening to Dad's records but I have a sneaking suspcision that his favorite was/is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. They play the same kind of American rock that's steeped in Southern folklore, wistful melancholy and radio-friendly road rock.

Frontman Jakob Dylan said at one point that he was in the mood for "the quieter songs" which had people pleading and screaming for "One Headlight". Umm . . . not exactly a quiet song.

Still, the band was in a playful mood as they offered up gem after gem - my favorite being "6th Avenue Heartache".

They played a long encore set (3 or 4 songs - I can't remember exactly I still have lingering CMJ fatigue) but when the house lights went up "One Headlight" had NOT been played.

Part of me admires a band who has the guts to stare down a crowd and not play their big hit but the other part of me whines "but that's a really good song".

Oh, well - that's what Mr. iPod is for!

I headed back to my train with "One Headlight" on repeat.

NYC kids, you have another chance to catch them - October 25th @ The Beacon.


infotaupe said...

Great pics! Sorry for the technical questions but what camera did you use? did you use flash? Thanks so much.

SheWritesRock said...

I used a Sony DSC-W100. No flash. Light was pretty good that night.

infotaupe said...