Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Operator Please @ Mercury Lounge - NYC

Top Five Reasons to Love Australia

#5 - Rain Main says Qantas never crashed

#4 - Kangaroos and koala bears are cute

#3 - Men at Work's "Down Under"

#2 - Wolves (namely Wolfmother and Wolf & Cub)


The spunky pop-friendly five-piece Operator Please danced their way into the hearts of NYC last night with their spot on rock style and fireball songs.

They even conquered my post-CMJ sleepiness!

The band is from the Gold Coast in Australia and they like lots of things from kitties to cheese. We think that's reason enough to make our hearts skip a beat but wait, there's more!!

They have the look!

Bass player Ashley rocked the skinny black jeans and shiny shoes, while singer/guitarist Amandah looked prim enough in a black jumper and lacy white button down but, when she turned around, there was a rip in her black stockings.

I don't kow if it was on purpose or not, but it was perfect. If it was an accidental tear, please from now on, hire a roadie soley as a stockings ripper!!

Their set was full of catchy two-three minute thrashers that will make you smile while you're banging your head.

Operator Please are headed to Los Angeles next for a stop at the Knitting Factory.

Come back soon . . . we miss you already!

Here's the vid for one of their singles. It's called "Leave it Alone".

Now play nice kids!! :)))

Pics . . .

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