Friday, March 30, 2007

U.S. Says "No" to Live Earth

Reported today that our leaders in D.C. don't want any of those crazy environmentalist kids to rock out on THEIR Capitol steps.

Are Republicans really THAT scared of Al Gore or maybe they're afraid they won't be able to contain themselves if Fergie's "humps" come into view?

I guess that means we can toss out(again)the whole "government for the people" stuff.

Anyone have a nice big piece of land that a few thousand music/earth loving kids can use on 7/7/07?

Come on people, if they can get a show together on a piece of ice in Antarctica, surely we can all get together here and hug for one day!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Splurge - Tuesday, March 27th

Here are some releases for your purchasing pleasure . . .

Pick 'em up!

Amy Millan - Presents Morning Becomes Electric (Arts & Crafts) - Digital Only!

Kaiser Chiefs : Yours Truly, Angry Mob - (Umvd Labels)

Mary Weiss : Dangerous Game - Norton Records

Moses Mayfield : The Inside - Sony Records

Warren Zevon : The Envoy (re-release) - Rhino/Wea

Warren Zevon : Stand in the Fire (re-relase) - Rhino/Wea

SheWritesRock's pick = Mary Weiss w/ Kaiser Chiefs coming a close second.

Anyone you want added to the list?

Monday, March 26, 2007

Keep An Eye On - Young Galaxy

Canadians Stephen Ramsay (formerly of Stars) and his girlfriend Catherine McCandless call themselves Young Galaxy, but there’s nothing “young” or inexperienced sounding about the music these two make.

It’s the kind of stuff that shimmers but still has some serious weight to it.

Hear Me:

The album Young Galaxy drops April 24th.

See Me:

- April 14 – Mercury Lounge : New York, NY (supporting Cloud Cult) – sold out
- April 15 – Mercury Lounge : New York, NY (supporting Cloud Cult)- tix
- April 20 – Phoenix Concert Theatre : Toronto, Ontario (supporting The Frames) - tix
- April 21- Le National Cabaret : Montreal, Quebec (supporting The Frames) - tix

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Elvis Costello & The Imposters Hit the Road + Re-Releases

Universal Music Group is getting ready to spit out shiny new editions of 11 of Elvis Costello's albums from 1977-1986. Expect all kinds of goodies like live albums, rarieties and DVDs.

To celebrate, Elvis and the guys are coming to visit you . . . . if you live in one of the following cities:

Tour Dates:

- West Hollywood, CA : House of Blues - May 2nd
- San Francisco, CA : Warfield Theatre - May 3rd
- Reno, NV : Silver Legacy Casino - May 4th
- Denver, CO : Fillmore Auditorium - May 6th
- Maplewood, MN : Myth - May 8th
- Chicago, IL : House of Blues - May 9th
- Detroit, MI : State Theatre - May 11th
- Boston, MA : Avalon - May 15th
- New York, NY : Nokia Theatre Times Square - May 16th
- Washington, D.C. : 9:30 Club - May 18th
- Philadelphia, PA : Electric Factory - May 19th

General Sales = April 7th

Friday, March 23, 2007

Annie Leibovitz - Friend to Rockers and Bears

Word in that she just shot a portrait of Knut the famous polar bear for an environmental campaign.

Willie Nelson wasn't available or he isn't as cute?

Big Guys Sue Each Other!

The National Music Publishes Association is suing XM Satellite Radio over it's XM+MP3 device. I haven't surrendered to satelitte yet, but I guess it lets you store songs you haven't paid for and create playlists.

Some of the songs they're fighting over include:

- "Let it Be"
- "My Heart Will Go On"
- "Me and Bobby McGee"

Okay, if anyone still has that God awful boat-sinking Celine Dion tune on their play list sue them directly!!

I do think it's about time though that people with money sued other people with money. It's so much more attractive than going after Grandma or this kid.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

R.I.P. Sin-e

The end is coming soon . . .

Get down there and lift a final beer in tribute!

Brooklyn Vegan is throwing a show there on Friday, March 23rd. Looks like tickets are still available!

Line-up includes Marissa Nadler, Fun, Tim Fite, Pela, Shy Child

Got a Spare $396.00?

Then you can own . . .

Well, not the duck suit per se. Actually, I kind of hope that little outfit has gone the way of another bird - the dodo!

But, you can own a piece of Sir Elton.

400 pieces actually!

On March 26th, Elton John will release his entire catalog of 400 tracks (30 albums) to iTunes exclusively . Other sites will get a piece of his $$$ pie about a month later.

So, if you don't already have one of his 3,000,000,000 (and I'm only exaggerating a little) greatest hits albums get ready to go download crazy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Songwriter's Hall of Fame - Class of 2007

Since we just finished up inducting rockers, hip hoppers and others (Patti Smith) into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, what do we need?

More induction ceremonies!!!

Intro - the Songwriters Hall of Fame - Class of 2007. Rolling in this year are . . .

- Jackson Browne - "Running on Empty" and "Doctor, My Eyes"

- Don Black - "Ben" (or as I like to call it "Michael Jackson gets some rat love") and "Born Free"

- Irving Burgie - King of Island Music! About 20 billion songs for Harry Belafonte. You remember "Day-0"

- Michael Masser - A lot Whitney Houston songs like "Saving All My Love" that you sing along to but don't want to admit it.

- Bobby Weinstein & Teddy Randazzo - "Goin' Out of My Head" for Little Anthony & The Imperials.

While half of me is very politely congratulating the inductees, the other half is screaming, "What were the powers that be thinking!"


Well, look at a few of the names that popped up on the ballot, but didn't make the cut:

- Leonard Cohen
- Ray Davies
- Robbie Robertson
- Cat Stevens

Umm . . . can we get a recount!


Since you have to be around for 20 years and have some hits to get in, who do you think will be in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame Class of 2027?

Monday, March 19, 2007

Amy Winehouse @ Bowery Ballroom

She made it to our shores . . . . with beehive somewhat intact. Amy dranks lots of "Jack Daniels lemonade" and still managed to put on a killer show. And yes, she did kick off her set with "Addicted".

SheWritesRock's favorite track ="Rehab"

The Pipettes @ Bowery Ballroom

If you took a 1960s girl group and ran them headlong into the 80s you'd come up with the cotton candy fun of the Pipettes! The trio hit the states in support of fellow UK gal Amy Winehouse before heading off to SXSW.

Shoobe doobe doo . . . Sha na na na na. . .

SheWritesRock's favorite track = "Judy".

Stevie Nicks Back with a New CD/DVD Set

Fleetwood Mac's Lady O' Chiffon will release a greatest/hits CD/DVD disc called Crystal Visions on March 27th. Yes, I already have the CD with all of the old hits, but the DVD makes this one worth the buy. It has all of those classic (read - wonderfully cheesy) Nicks videos with commentary by the gypsy herself - and, she has quite a sense of humor beneath all the fluff and frills.

For a preview, check out this unreleased video for "Stand Back".

My favorite comment - "Take me home. What the heck does that mean?"

I wish more rockers would admit that they don't what the hell their lyrics mean.

Stevie Nicks is also due to make an appearance on the Today Show on March 30th and will hit the road with Chris Isaak this summer.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

To All You SXSW Kids . . .


Watch out for these

And bring me back one of these

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ra Ra Riot @ Canal Room and threw a party at Canal Room.

It was hard, but many of us did manage to migrate over from the L.E.S. to catch Ra Ra Riot in action.

For the full scoop - look here.

Or you can skip the reading part and check out the pictures.