Monday, October 22, 2007

Rodrigo y Gabriela @ Roseland Ballroom - CMJ

Rodrigo y Gabriela were one of the must-see CMJ gigs so I headed over to the cavern that is Roseland Ballroom early in the night.

Alex Skolnick (formerly a guitarist for metal band Testament) opened for the guitar duo. He's embraced jazz now and fronts a thump thumping band called the Alex Skolnick trio.

He still appreciates some good thrashing metal though and has been a friend to and big time supporter of Rod y Gab.

By the time the guitar duo took their seats on stage, the place was packed and roaring.

The music was as electric as ever. Despite some guitar problems (Rodrigo vamped and asked if the crowd wanted to sing that "London Bridge" song),they still thrashed the hell out of their strings and beat the percussion out on the wooden body of their axes.

The crowd sang along to their cover of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" - pure magic!!

Now, the other great thing about these two are they have the dirtiest mouths - especailly Gab.

She's such a sweet looking thing but the f-word is obviously her favorite curse word - everything was f-in' something. Love it!!

Thank you to Rodrigo y Gabriela for another f-ingly brillant show!!!

Oh, and one more scoop - RyG are headed overseas to finish up their European dates and then it's back to the studio to thrash out album number 2.

I'll be waiting - VERY impatiently!!

Alex Skolnick added some thrashing licks . . .

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