Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Neimo @ Arlene's Grocery - CMJ

Black and pink 80s tees, skinny black jeans slashed across the knee, white pointy shoes and thrashing - be still my glam-loving heart!

Neimo is the most delicious thing (musically - at least) to come out of France in a long long time. In other words - they make me want to bang a gong!

T-Rex's Marc Bolan may be gone but his style and sass live on in bands like this one.

Lead singer Bruno Joe Dallesandro doesn't mind (to say the least) dozens of flash bulbs going off in his face and he wiggles and rolls on stage with the best of them!

If all of the CMJ gigs turn out to be as much over-the-top fun as this one, we're all in for a VERY good Marathon!

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