Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why Studio B is an Idiot's Playground

Caught the Klaxons and their openers Bonde Do Role (who blew me away) at Studio B in Brooklyn on Friday.

Klaxons put out some serious "new rave" though there weren't that many glow sticks waving.

But I have to say some "entertaining" members of the crowd actually out did the bands.

Studio B may be in the middle of nowhere but it's one of the posher venues on the inside with raised platforms that have leather sofas and the whole bit.

Oh, yes - about the leather sofa space! Dirty little secret (that's becoming way too common lately) is that you can reserve tables and couches if you can get a big group together and buy numerous bottles of alcohol.

So in other words, even if the show is sold out, if you and you're drinking buddies can shell out some extra dough - you're in with the best view in the house.

So many things wrong with this and they were ALL on display on Fri. night.

A group of meaty guys who had no clue what band was playing that night had obviously decided that Studio B was the place to be and that they were going to impress their girlfriends by going all out with table service and couches.

Of course, one of the guys was trashed and looking for a fight before Klaxons ever hit the stage.

Now, Klaxons have their fans, particularly female, who will do anything to get up close and personal with the guys including invading the space of Mr. Couch Alkie and Co. It was hilarious seeing this guy trying to explain to a woman climbing the couch that this was his couch and that he'd paid a lot of money for it and no one could come into his space . . . blah . . . blah . . . blah

Um . . . newsflash! If you go to a sold-out show at any club, there is NO such thing as personal space.

And if you forked over a wad cash thinking you could get it - THEN THE JOKE IS ON YOU BUDDY!

Rant over . . .

On to happpier moments like Klaxons pics:

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bill p said...

No shit... that place was full of douches Friday night. I was surrounded by assholes mocking the band the entire time. I was like, "why are you here?"