Friday, April 27, 2007

Reunion Wars - The Police vs. Genesis

Van Halen was down for the count way before the Mr. Softee trucks started jingling down the street, but there were still rumors going around that the summer reunion tour market was going to be very "healthy" . . . for everyone but the fans.

With the Rolling Stones playing Europe, Paul McCartney off the road and Madonna still untwisting herself from last summer's yoga position, it's up to a pair of new reunions to suck up our summer dollars.

Let's meet them shall we:

In one corner, looking old-school sleek and still wearing tight black things - The Police!

And our contender in the other corner, looking uncomfortable and geeky (are they wearing shoulder pads?) just like they did in the 1980s - Genesis!

Give a welcome to our boys of summer before we break it down!

Okay, quiet now . . .

We've been expecting Genesis to announce U.S. dates. What were they waiting for?

Now, we know. They were waiting for The Police to set their ticket prices so the Land of Confusioners could make sure they topped them.

Using the NYC / Madison Square Garden dates as an example:

THE POLICE - August 1st & August 3rd

Tix are long gone but they ranged from $54.50 - $254.50
The "Crazy" "Gold Seat" Package ran you $404.50

GENESIS - September 25th (more dates will probably be added)

Tix on sale April 30th (Monday) - 9:00 a.m.

Price range = $61.50 - $256.50
The "Insane" "Hot Seat" Package will set you back $479.50

We'll have to wait until the tours end, summer fades away and all those receipts are counted before we know who the winner is (hint - it won't be my wallet), but in the meantime, anyone want to guess how much t-shirts will be?

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