Friday, April 27, 2007

Editors - New Album Info.

When I chatted with Editors bass man Russell Leetch last summer, the band was already working on a follow up to their hot out of the box debut The Back Room.

He described the new sound the band was toying with as "a bit huger".

Looks like the guys stayed with it because the report from NME is that Editors second disc An End Has A Start is going to be a big loud step forward for the guys.

The album drops on June 25th in the UK while us North American kids are still waiting for a date to mark on our release calendars.

Track Listing:

- Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
- An End Has A Start
- The Weight of the World
- Bones
- When Anger Shows
- The Racing Rats
- Push Your Head Towards The Air
- Escape The Nest
- Spiders
- Well Worn Hand

Editors are also hitting the road. No U.S. dates yet but a bunch of UK and Europe gigs.

Full list here.

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