Tuesday, April 24, 2007

40 Songs that Changed the World

Rolling Stone needs our help.

They've compiled a list of songs that they think "changed the world".

Now, before you start pulling out your hair, frothing at the mouth and screaming "What were they thinking?" (like I did) notice that they are asking for corrections suggestions.

They'll post a "List of the People" on June 29th.

Take a look at the list and then join me in some random ranting and raving.


My issues . . . besides the "changed the world" tag are:

- Joni Mitchell - "Help Me" : Yes, it's a good song but hello - "Big Yellow Taxi" has really stood the test of time and is still incredibly eco-relevant.

- Bob Dylan - Trade "A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" for "Subterranean Homesick Blues" or "Blowin' in the Wind".

- Yes, thank you for including The Sex Pistols but no "London Calling" from The Clash? Aaargh!!!

- If you're gonna talk about playing hard and the birth of metal where's Sabbath?

- I'm sure Lou Reed is out there writing a whole album right now on how Velvet Underground's "Heroin" changed the world. I don't buy it and I won't buy it.

- How did they come to decide on "Strawberry Fields" for the necessary late-era Beatles songs? "Let it Be" didn't look as pretty on the page?

- Did "Louie Louie" change the world or just allow a lot of government types to put in for overtime?

- Don't even get me started on #39 - Britney Spears! (When I first read the list and got to that part, I was so disgusted concerned that I knocked over my water bottle. Rolling Stone please send me $1.50 to cover the loss of my Poland Spring.)

Rant over . . . back to whatever your regular programming is!

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