Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tom Petty to Reissue Highway Companion

Usually, I have a screaming fit when I hear about an artist "reissuing" an album a year or six months or two months after it originally came out.

Pure money grab from an already used up cash cow!

But, this time around, I'm changing my mind - because I'm a girl and that's just my prerogative and also because . . .

I LOVED this 2006 album from Tom Petty. It's as good as anything that he's ever done with or without the Heartbreakers backing him up.

There were a lot of heavy-hitters, both old and new, releasing albums last year and Highway Companion just didn't sell like it should have or get the love and attention it deserved.

Yes, his tour did well but I think the disc needs some of the same.

This time, the album is going to have some demos and unreleased tracks added. Full details here.

You can pick the new and improved Highway Companion on June 5th!

In the meantime, listen to some tracks at Petty's myspace.

And, in other Tom Petty news, look for the big Peter Bogdanovitch documentary to finally show up in the fall AND those long out of print discs from the Traveling Wilburys will finally be back in print on June 12th!

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