Friday, May 4, 2007

The Cribs @ Mercury Lounge

I hit up the first of two sold-out shows at Mercury.

First caught The Cribs about 2 1/2 years ago playing a CMJ party at Tribeca Rock Club. Since then, they've grown up - meaning they might change their clothes more than once a month though Ryan did start the show with some sort of alcohol beverage splashed down his shirt.

But, seriously the new stuff is punkalicious and "Hey Scenesters" is now officially an anthem. You can always tell by the instant moshing.

Now, about that moshing. I expect everyone to be nicely buzzed at a Cribs show, but the sloppy drunk guy who decided to do a grinding version of the jitterbug with his girlfriend (complete with turns and twirls and dips) needs to take it outside!

I really didn't want to be caught in the middle of that!

The Cribs have definitely outgrown Mercury. I understand you want to be able to say you sold-out 2 shows, but next time, let's move to Bowery Ballroom - sloppy and slopette need more space to show off their "dance" routine.

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bill p said...

The crowd was even worse last night. Crowd-surfing, knuckleheads doing that ska dance, beverages thrown... still, a good show.