Thursday, May 10, 2007

Arcade Fire @ Radio City Music Hall

Arcade Fire played a sold-out show at Radio City last night - a real sold-out show. Not one of those "sold-out" shows where you look around and there are still a 100 or so empty seats.

Every seat in the place was full!

The National opened. They were good (as usual) but it wasn't their night. They were just keeping the space warm.

From the second AF appeared, the crowd was on their feet and those glow stick things you got with your overpriced drinks were flashing red and blue.

The band's two previous shows at United Palace were probably more intimate, but last night was an event. The band has arrived, crossed over . . . whatever you want to call it. For better or worse, I see an MSG gig in their future.

But first, about Radio City . . .

That venue (with the exception of their Christmas Craptacular Spectacular) probably hasn't seen an audience that young and that enthusiastic in a long time.

In fact, the night turned into Win Butler vs. Security.

The AF that used to invite people to play pool with them after their gigs when they were first starting out is still alive and well.

Win wants his fans up close and personal.

After the first song, he told people there was room to come up front. Kids started charging the aisles only to be stopped by security.

The "guards" spent the rest of the night battling kids who needed, wanted, would do anything to get up front. It was hilarious!

Towards the end of the show Win upped the ante by saying, "Just come down! Jesus Christ, what the fuck are they gonna do!"

He was changing his tune after the first encore when he came back and said he was "sorry" to the security people. "I'm a bad boy!" he chuckled.

Ha! I'm not sure he was that broken up about it, but I think he probably did get a lecture on inciting riots and how much it would cost the band if Radio City got trashed!

All security issues aside, the band put on another makes me wanna squeal-type show.

My favorite moments:

- "My Body Is A Cage" - so haunting . . . so perfect!

- Watching Regine bang away on the drums in her black dress with her hair flying.

- Win jumping into the crowd and heading up the aisle to get some serious fan love.

- Watching people throw their glow stick thingys from the balcony. It looked like a blue and red meteor shower - all around gorgeous!

My least favorite moments:

- No Ziggy. No Thin White Duke. No Bowie!!! At least not on stage . . .

Arcade Fire gave the Highline Festival one hell of a start yesterday!

Good luck to Air and the others on topping them!

I wasn't close enough to get pictures but you can see some here.

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