Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Michael Jackson's Thriller 25th Anniversary Edition

Say what you will about the person Michael Jackson is today, 25 years ago (and even by today's standards) he created Thriller which was nothing less than a track by track music miracle - pure genius!

The Anniversary Edition of the album hits shelves today and it includes seven bonus tracks that find MJ getting the remix treatment from artists (Kanye West, Will.i.am) who have followed in his ginormous moon-walking footprints.

Just the mention of Thriller calls up a bunch of memories - a fellow second-grader whispering how she used to kiss her Michael Jackson poster good night - every night, the day my uncle's old girlfriend gave me an extra copy of the tape (yes, tape - this was pre-CD) and instantly became the coolest person in the universe to me.

I could give the album props by posting one of the many youtube clips of the gloved-one doing his thing on "Thriller", "Beat It" or "Billie Jean" but I like this new take the best . . .

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