Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Starry-Eyed Festival @ The Yard

On Sunday, the Starry-Eyed Festival was held at a wonderful "venue" called the Yard. It's basically a large backyard seated on the banks of the Gowanus Canal in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn.

It's got a great vibe - trees to sit under, folding chairs, musicians playing barefoot, little kids running around and last, but never least to me - barbeque!

The Festival was held as a benefit for Star Island Corporation, a non-profit out of Portsmouth, NH. The organization is hoping to raise funds to pay for the upkeep of a Victorian Hotel they maintain on the island - a place that once served the likes of Henry David Thoreau and Blackbeard - aargh, matey!

Taking the stage early in the day was a brand new (he'll be 18 in a few days) singer/songwriter Barrett Lindgren. He may still be a puppy on the music scene but the kid's got a lot of talent and we'll probably be hearing more of his folky tunes in the near future.

Next up was ex-Cibo Matto frontwoman Miho Hatori who sang a mixture of electro-pop and Japanese folk tunes. She also shared some history with us. After World War II, Japan imported a lot of South American folk music to raise the spirits of the bombed to hell and back nation. They then took these famous folk songs, namely Brazil's "Paraiba" and added original Japanese lyrics.

It works! No word on what Brazil thought.

Unfortunately I had to leave early, but I hear from kevchino.com that Budos Band killed it and them some.

Congrats to everyone on putting this together!

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