Monday, September 17, 2007

Across the Universe (a.k.a The Beatles Musical)

In the 2 hour and 11 minute film Across the Universe, 33 Beatles tunes are sung by characters called Jude, Lucy, Sadie, Prudence, Max and Jojo among others.

It's a psychedelic,(at times annoying, at times spectacular) romp through the 1960s. Most of it is set in New York - a few of Sadie's concert scenes were even shot at Webster Hall.

Some of it is over the top and needs to go (cough - the whole "Mr. Kite sequence) but there's lots to love like Prudence's entrance - "she came in through the bathroom window". How else?

This tale about a boy named Jude, who falls for a pretty blonde named Lucy might not be for everyone but if you allow yourself to turn on, tune in and drop out - you might start to dig it.

I loved it!!

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Abz said...

Oh no way so THIS is the Beatle's movie? I saw the trailer in the theaters when we went to see Transformers. All I could think about 'Ewww she's the one with Marilyn Manson.' Totally missed the fact that this is Julie Taymor Beatles movie that they filmed here in the 'hood! I hope to shake that contextual trap because ERW was amazing in 'Thirteen' but even MORE importantly: you can't beat the soundtrack. Wonder how much the licensing fees ran? Yikes.