Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Eagles Soar Over Spears! It's Not Funny Y'all!

EEEEeeeekkkk!!! EEEEEeeekk!!!

That's the sound of Britney Spears watching an eagle (call him Don, Glen, Joe or Tim) fly off with not only her wig of the day but that coveted #1 spot on the old Billboard charts.

Hey, let's give the Britster a little bit of credit.

Reviews for her album Blackout weren't bad. In fact, they were kind of good!

Crazy ain't it y'all!

But then those rumblings started that the Eagles new album, Long Road Out of Eden, their first to feature all new material in 28 years, was actually selling at double the rate.

Our favorite wreck of a poptart still looked golden for that #1 spot on the charts though because the Eagles' CD was only available at Walmart and single retailers weren't counted by Billboard.

But then a last minute deal was struck (wouldn't wanna ruffle any feathers) - Walmart agreed to report their sales figures and the Eagles soared right up the Billboard's charts, perching nice and pretty at #1.


Eagles - Long Road Out of Eden - 711,000 copies sold
Britney Spears - Blackout - 290,000 copies sold

I've had my issues with the Eagles before (enough of the Farewell Tours!) but damn . . . . good job boys!

For those of us lucky enough to not have a Walmart nearby (Yeah, NYC!) Long Road Out of Eden is also available directly from the Eagles website.

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