Sunday, August 26, 2007

After the Jump Fest 2007

The first (of what is sure to be many more) After the Jump Fest went down at Studio B in Brooklyn all day and night on Saturday.

The 2007 fest is now part of history but it won't be forgtten by a bunch of kids in the Bronx who'll be spinning on some brand new DJ equipment courtesy of the bloggers and bands who joined together to turn a school's dream into reality.

Congrats to everyone!

Studio B has probably never seen so much action in the daylight hours.

Bring on ATJF 2008!

Here's some of the low down on the day show:

The Teenage Prayers kicked the day show off with a thunderous rocking soul performance. The 5 piece were keeping the preppy indie rock look alive with button downs, skinny ties and white canvas sneakers.

The guys have a great new song called "Is this as Good as it Gets?"

Pics - Teenage Prayers

Besides sexy, Brooklyn's Locksley are bringing tight jeans back! Besides playing their usual blistering set, that's as dark as it is hot, the guys got into the music education theme of the event by bringing two fans up on stage.

The kids were handed a guitar and tambourine and got in some serious jam time with the band.

Pics - Locksley

Bling Kong

Yes, they're still doing the awesome! Bling Kong, our favorite big ape-worshipping band brought the moves and their signature off-beat style to the second stage sponsered by CONCERT.TV.

Always ready with a twist, BK took a "choose your own adventure" approach to their set list. You could pick between going home for another round in the sack with Bling Kong, himself or staying true to a night out with the girls.

Ladies night won!

Pics - Bling Kong

New York gypsy band Golem kept the spirit of the old Polish nieghborhood alive and well as they took the Fest on a musical tour of ethnic music from eastern Europe. Who knew the music of Ukraine rocked!

Pics - Golem

As Syracuse's favorite thrashers Ra Ra Riot took the stage, the crowd hit the main floor, leaving their PBRs behind in exchange for some tunes.

This was the band that most people had come to see and they didn't disappoint.

Catch them later this fall on tour with Editors!

Pics - Ra Ra Riot

When headliner Spectrum took over the mainstage, it marked the return of Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember.

The psychedelic art rock chameleon has a new album due out sometime this fall and is hitting the road too.

Yes, he will be pulling out some old Spacemen 3 tunes!

Pics - Spectrum


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Thank you for coming Amy! And thank you thank you for the kind words. Glad you had a good time.

Jen and all the After the Jumpers

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