Saturday, August 9, 2008

All Points West - Day #1 - 08/08/08

The first annual All Points West kicked off yesterday in Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ and, despite a mid-afternoon downpour and a few gusts of wind that played havoc with those fancy APW banners, the fans showed up early and the band's were ready to rock.

The theme of the festival was overwhelmingly green and the buzz word was "recycle". Led by Jack Johnson's All At Once organization, there were plenty of booths that were ready to help you support whatever environmental cause floated your boat.

Sculptures imported for the festival were also eco-friendly and made from natural materials (the bamboo tower) or recycled materials. They also served a duo-purpose by providing a seat in some much-needed shade - which was definitely lacking in APW portion of the park.

Food was extremely $$$ but if whatever you're jonesing for - pizza, bbq, veggie, chinese - they have it. Just be prepared to sell a kidney.

Band photos to come but for now here are some of the general sites of All Points West - Day #1.