Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rolling Stones Docu To Premiere in Berlin

The ever-Rolling Stones are heading to Germany for the premiere of their Martin Scorsese-helmed documentary Shine A Light which will open the Berlin Film Festival on February 7th.

Besides lots of rare behind-the-scenes stuff culled from the rockers' years on the road and just on earth in general, NYC home boy Marty S. also shot live footage of Mick, Keith and the gang during the band's two night stand at the Beacon Theatre back in 2006.

The Stones will definitely be making an appearance at the Festival but no word yet on whether or not they'll take their act off the silver screen.

I do hope though, that Scorsese did some last minute re-shoots so we can get shake the truth (or at least the semi-truth) about the coconut tree incident out of Keith.

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