Monday, December 10, 2007

Led Zeppelin - 2007 reunion

No, I didn't go. I'm holding out for a tour.

The show is over by now and reports are starting to trickle in from London. By tomorrow, I'm sure we'll be hit with a review from each and every ticketholder that attended so expect to get up early and start scrolling through 18,000 blog postings.

For now, here are the basics:

The band played a 16 song set:

'Good Times Bad Times'
'Ramble On'
'Black Dog'
'In My Time Of Dying'
'For Your Life'
'Trampled Under Foot'
'Nobody's Fault But Mine'
'No Quarter'
'Since I've Been Loving You'
'Dazed And Confused'
'Stairway To Heaven'
'The Song Remains The Same'
'Misty Mountain Hop'
'Whole Lotta Love'
'Rock And Roll

You can read the following on

- Song By Song Blog

- Review.

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