Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Songwriter's Hall of Fame - Class of 2007

Since we just finished up inducting rockers, hip hoppers and others (Patti Smith) into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, what do we need?

More induction ceremonies!!!

Intro - the Songwriters Hall of Fame - Class of 2007. Rolling in this year are . . .

- Jackson Browne - "Running on Empty" and "Doctor, My Eyes"

- Don Black - "Ben" (or as I like to call it "Michael Jackson gets some rat love") and "Born Free"

- Irving Burgie - King of Island Music! About 20 billion songs for Harry Belafonte. You remember "Day-0"

- Michael Masser - A lot Whitney Houston songs like "Saving All My Love" that you sing along to but don't want to admit it.

- Bobby Weinstein & Teddy Randazzo - "Goin' Out of My Head" for Little Anthony & The Imperials.

While half of me is very politely congratulating the inductees, the other half is screaming, "What were the powers that be thinking!"


Well, look at a few of the names that popped up on the ballot, but didn't make the cut:

- Leonard Cohen
- Ray Davies
- Robbie Robertson
- Cat Stevens

Umm . . . can we get a recount!


Since you have to be around for 20 years and have some hits to get in, who do you think will be in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame Class of 2027?

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