Friday, December 29, 2006

2007 = Rewriting the Music Scene

Who knew that 2006 would go down as the Year of the Grim Reaper for us music kids? Not only are people queing up right now at the Apollo to give a final shout out to James "the Godfather of Soul" Brown but we also R.I.P'd CBGB and Tower Records among others. sniff . . . sniff . . . Syd Barrett.

She Writes Rock will always find a spot in our hearts for the old (props to those who have shown us the way) but we are also looking forward to filling those voids with new and exciting things.

What new bands/albums/artists/songs will make our hearts skip a beat? What new venues will become our home away from home? Will Axl ever really cough up that album? My birthday is in March - hint!

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